Wolverine Radar

See the World with New Clarity.

Empowering Decision Makers

Radar satellites are a unique tool to equip decision makers with better and more timely information. Wolverine Radar is committed to lowering the cost of these insights through a suite of off-the-shelf system modeling, tasking and processing tools to help satellite builders get to orbit faster and derive more value from fixed assets once they get there.

Contains modified Copernicus Sentinel data 2023

Creating New Toolsets

Whether it is a new mesh reflector design, new phase array configuration, or modernized software defined radio, our highly-optimized tools enable newspace startups to focus on their innovative market edge while maximizing their runway.

Our Process

Our foundational Crosshatch python CPU/GPU processing architecture ensures that developers can spend more time modeling their technology and less time waiting for jobs to complete. Crosshatch serves as computational backbone of our tasking software, our processing software, and all of our information extraction analytics.

Rendered in Google Earth Pro


Our constellation design capabilities are designed to model real-world customer-driven analytics scenarios with active distribution pathways on our analytics website radarography.com. System design parameters can be adjusted to real-world revenue models to ensure that business owners and investors can understand the design trades they are making before commencing the manufacturing process.

Whether your organization is planning its first satellite or trying to maintain a fleet of a dozen vehicles, reach out at info@wolverineradar.com to let us help create value for all current and future on-orbit assets.